Yoni Healing (Fusion Of Ancient Tantra Massage And Neo-Tantra Massage)

In our society today, fear and confusion about the whole design of one’s sexuality are prevalent. The practice of honoring the body, trusting, and loving it isn’t a common topic. However, the need for these things is strong and necessary. That is why we will bring Yoni Healing out of its shell and educate everyone about this sexual healing method.

What is Yoni and Yoni Healing?

Yoni (yo-nee) is a Sanskrit word which means the source and sacred temple of life, and it is used to indicate female genitals. In Tantric traditions, where sexuality is worshipped and honored, Yoni presents wholeness of a woman’s femininity. Yoni Healing massage is an art of touch and intimacy which helps to get a deeper understanding how different aspects of Tantra which includes the mind, the body, the spirit, and the soul affects and transforms a woman’s life, career, friendships, and relationship. This is a chance for a woman to touch and be touched without fear, shame, and malice while feeling a high erotic pleasure during the process.

How does Yoni Healing Massage works?

It doesn’t work like magic, but it works when you work on it. Replenish your womanhood by utilizing Yoni Healing massage. Yoni works by connecting you to your body and mind.

A woman can give herself a yoni healing massage session or find a Tantra masseur who can give the yoni healing session.

Yoni Healing Massage Techniques for self-practice

  • Circling: Using the tip of your finger, apply circular motions on the tip of your clitoris. Variety is the key here, so see to it that you alternate from small to big circles as well as the pressure from light to heavy.
  • Pushing and pulling: Press your clitoris down and create pushing and pulling strokes as you glide your finger until it reaches your clitoris’ shaft. Alternate with your left and right shafts to find which is more sensitive.
  • Tugging and rolling: Tug your clitoris by pulling it slowly away from your body by grabbing the sides repeatedly. Rolling, on the other hand, works by firmly holding your clitoris and then rolling it between your thumb and index finger.
  • Tapping: You can experiment which tapping method works best for you by varying the speed, pressure, and rhythm of tapping your clitoris.
  • G-spot massage: G-spot is around two inches inside and on top of the wall of the vagina. You can find it easily by curving your middle and index fingers and slide them into your vagina. You just have to search for that piece of skin that has a soft and spongy feel. Once you find it, you can massage it by alternating the pressure and speed.

During Yoni Healing massage sessions, you can do the following:

  1. Discuss significant issues that can lead to understanding what blocks your access to pleasure (trauma, abuse, hurts, and more).
  2. Practice meditation to connect you to your mind, body, and heart.
  3. Declaration of intentions for healing and growth. This is to discover your own deepest desires.
  4. Preparation of the body to receive a sensual massage. This massage can be very relaxing but to achieve its total effectivity, you must release yourself first from all your defensive unseen armors.
  5. Pelvic release and internal/external yoni mapping.
  6. Express your emotions through sound and breath.
  7. Disperse your energy through the movement of positive energy inside the body.
  8. Get educated with sexual anatomy. Know more about your own arousal points and the anatomy of your reproductive organs.

Yoni Healing hopes for you to:

  • Be free from your painful memories of sexual abuse.
  • Escape from the unseen residues of crossing personal/sexual boundaries like compromising to unwanted sex.
  • Be released from the bondage of your past traumatic sexual experiences.
  • Eradicate guilt and shame involving sexuality from religious and societal conditioning
  • Relieve yourself from inner judgments.
  • Improve your Orgasm
  • Increase your Libido
  • Add your ability to lubricate

Yoni healing massage is a process of healing. Although it encourages your access to pleasure with the fulfillment of orgasm, it must be clear that Yoni Healing is a way for a woman to understand their self more and express their self more. Increase awareness about this amazing healing method and let the entire woman in the world found their true love on their own.

Types of Yoni healing sessions a Tantra master or masseur can provide:

  • Ancient Tradition Way of yoni healing
  • Taoist Tantra Massage (Comes from Taoist Tantra Tradition)
  • Kashmiri Tantra Massage (Comes from Shiva Shakti Tradition)
  • Fusion of Neo Tantra and Ancient Tantra

So many tantra teachers, who are working very deeply in this area of tantra, are creating some beautiful fusion of yoni healing with his lifetime works and understanding.

So during my search of Tantra, I met so many amazing Tantra teachers and still learning from them.

So in last 12 years, I’ve learnt different kinds of conscious body work massages and Tantra massage, so here I’m sharing my fav fusion of Tantra massages or Yoni healing or Lingam healing.

  • Conscious Sensuality (It’s a fusion of conscious bodywork and Tantra massages by Robert Silber)
  • Inner Alchemy (It’s a fusion of consciousbodywork and Tantra massage by Sarita, Dharmraj and Maria)

So in my private sessions, I offer Tantra massagesand Yoni Healing sessions. To book a session, you can log on https://tantranectar.com/

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