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Yes. The program has an equal ratio for both men & women.

This Training focusses on the practical aspects. The theoretical aspects would include basic Tantra concepts and some essential basics.

This depends on our teacher’s schedule. If time permits, we shall allow a private session too.

The Tantra Trinity will be mingling with all students to address their individual shortcomings and will also answer all their questions and queries depending on the schedule of The Tantra Trinity.

Tantra Nectar Training Program is about overcoming limitations on our sexuality and exploring our body as it is. However, there is no penetration involved. We do include intimate physical contact and nudity. But, nudity isn’t mandatory. Be rest assured of the environment being safe. We respect your boundaries for the same.

Our Tantra Trinity has formulated a training program in a way that the student will learn the most. It is meticulously designed keeping in mind their knowledge and experience. Tantra Yoga, Tantra Mudra, Body Work, Balancing Of Chakras, Partner Meditations, Ecstatic Dance are some of the Tantra Practices and Procedures that will be taught.

Tantra Nectar Training is divided into 3 parts.
Part 1 is open to all and is for a duration of 3 days.
Part 2 is only for people who have attended the Part 1 training or people who have some experience in Yoga, Meditation or Bodywork and is for a duration of 5 days.
Part 3 training is for 7 days again and is open to people who have attended the Part 1 and 2 or have some prior experience in yoga, meditation or bodywork.

Link to Part 1 Training
Link to Part 2 Training
Link to Part 3 Training

Most of us today are either shameful or guilty about our sexuality. This is the result of years of sexual suppression and the encouragement of giving up sexuality for spirituality. With our Tantra Training program you will be able to unlearn this and be more confident. You will be more accepting of your sexual self which will help you feel more connected to your own body. Tantra Nectar Training helps you accept your sexual energy and channelize it to improve your life

For those who want to follow the path of Tantra, our Tantra Training Program is the best way forward for you. During the course, you will overcome all blockades and will see a transformation within yourself. This transformation will also improve your life substantially. It’s the perfect beginning for your Tantra Journey.

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