Tantra For Women

By spending time with other ladies, we have the probability of returning home to our most profound resources. We can see ourselves in the reflection of our sisters, and along these lines to sustain numerous parts of ourselves which may have been neglected.

We open up new and extended sexual awareness, how to get access greater ecstasy, how to expand the innate wise woman, how to allow the power of lover to manifest more completely in our life.

  • Goddess Essence: Women’s Training for the New Dawn
  • Secret Garden: The Power and Mystery of the Divine Feminine
  • Tantra Sacred Dance for Women: Unfolding from the depths of your being

Finding the eternal intelligence of lady, we can finally get back home to our power, living our true far reaching nature.

Goddess Essence:

Women’s preparation for the new sunrise

This is a 4-section training for ladies offered by Tantra-Essence. You are free to go along with us in any request you like for those groups to which you feel called. We urge those wishing to get the full transmission of feminine empowerment to participate in the 4 gatherings. After finishing the 4 gatherings, you will get a certificate for your transformational journey.

To offer ladies the most ideal transformational journey, we have a group of ladies educators, sharing their skill in different parts of the Divine feminine and discovering our fullest potential as ladies.

Module 1 – The Goddess Unveiled

This weekend includes fundamental data on feminine wellbeing, health and excellence. Included are experiential activities of dance, massage, healing and meditation for individual change. We likewise offer you a ritual for reworking your internal beauty script, awakening your inner and external Goddess in every last bit of her splendour.

How we feel about ourselves as ladies is of foremost significance for satisfaction seeing someone and in life in general. As we unwind into our inborn nature of affection and sympathy, we find a tremendous, ever flowing resource of female power, magnificence and resilience.

In this group, we offer a transmission for cherishing yourself and from that fertile soil planting a nursery of affection, which helps in balancing relationship with others. She who is tied down in the intensity of love can undoubtedly gain proficiency with the important instruments for advancing inside a close relationship.

We all have some affectability about the issue of appearance, as it connects deeply with our personality and sentiments of self-worth as a woman. When we cherish ourselves, this inspires us to take care of the body and is reflected in our external beauty. Through awakening our sensual aliveness and learning out how to think about our internal and external physical form, we can find and perceive our own and each other’s excellence. Come and praise your divine feminine nature in a safe and accepting circle of women.

This group is a profoundly moving and significant personal journey for all women, whatever your age and shape and however you feel about yourself now.

Module 2 – Sexual and Emotional Fulfillment

Having relaxed into our intrinsic nature of love and sympathy in the Module 1 we have found a tremendous, consistently flowing asset of feminine strength. With this foundation, we would now be able to open to and trust our emotional flow and completely tap into our creative abundance and sexual ecstasy.

As we loosen up unhealthy conditioning, which has brought about ladies attempting to progress toward becoming replicas of men or given false thoughts regarding being a lady, our capacity for orgasmic flow is unveiled.

The power of women’s sexual reaction isn’t just situated in her genitals. Women’s  sexuality is holistic, including emotions, senses, and erogenous zones everywhere throughout the body. Working with our womb center, we open to emotional fluidity. At the point when emotions are understood and acknowledged in the entirety of their varieties, Kundalini vitality has a clear passage for its climb.

Our womb is also connected with both birth and death. By facing the portals of birth and death with deep acceptance, we figure out how to be liquid and aggregate throughout everyday life, and open to change and transformation. The navel is the place we get life from our mom in the belly. After physical birth, it is still an energetic link to the universal womb, the Goddess.

Passionate smoothness is a key to sexual satisfaction and orgasmic joy for ladies. It enables us to go further into closeness and increases our affectability. For ladies, sexual joy and passionate stream are legitimately interrelated. Sadly, we are shot into existence while never being given clear data about the specialty of joy, having intercourse or how to have a profoundly satisfying relationship. We anticipate that others should realize what we need and how to bring us sexual satisfaction, when we ourselves don’t have the foggiest idea how. We frequently compartmentalize our sexuality, not permitting a full coordination with our feelings or our soul. We additionally acknowledge others’ ideas of sexuality and womanliness and how we should express these, rather than finding the appropriate responses inside ourselves.

However a sound sexuality is of vital significance for a blissful, fulfilled life. Come and find the tremendous orgasmic potential covered up in your genitals, womb, breasts, voice and your intrinsic longing for intimacy and love. A woman’s entire body is an instrument of pleasure and joy. This group stirs inside us she who is multi orgasmic, by learning female secrets for satisfaction. We at that point can apply this condition of orgasmic being in our regular day to day existence and relating.

In the Module two, we cover 5 ace keys for women’s sexual arousing:

1) Learning about the female sexual reaction in the genitals, all through the body and the brain;

2) Understanding the role emotions play in women’s sexual blooming;

3) Exploring woman as the gateway for both birth and death, treasures held in our womb center connecting us to the wheel of life, and her potential as Goddess;

4) Discovering the role physical connection and closeness plays in arousing lady’s orgasmic potential

5) Understanding the positive and receptive nature of the chakra system and how Kundalini vitality is activated in ladies.

Through this adventure of unveiling our sexual potential we convert emotional fluidity, creative abundance and joy, into a lifestyle. Carrying on with our life orgasmically reconnects us to the vibration of existence, which is constantly commending all that is, a continuous melody of “Yes!” This group motivates you to recover your Shakti control through a healthy, enabled and integrated sexual and enthusiastic flow!

Module 3 – Woman as Healer; Opening the Psychic Gift

As women, our very nature offers gifts of healing and instinct. The intuition zones in the brain extend in female embryos, giving a clear indication that we are meantby commonly to have the option to open psychic sensitivity. This combined with the way that the sixth chakra, (third eye focus) is a ‘positive pole’ in ladies, offers the likelihood for every lady to develop her innate insightful potential.

Our instinct opens the association with source, which healing relies upon. This weekend is committed to restoring and enlivening into our intrinsic treasury of psychic and healing gifts.

We will use painting, dance, aura investigation, profound relaxation, emotional spaciousness, meditation, ritual, healing touch and fun loving nature to get to the women’s wisdom, winding up strongly alive and inspired to live our lives with more mindfulness, regard for our very own supernatural knowing, love and individual power. As we discharge old conditionings and fears around being marked as ‘witches’ we indeed open to the gifts of healing and intuition, with certainty and vitality. It is a great idea to recall that the first importance of ‘witch’ is ‘wise woman’. Some portion of adventure into healing is to recover the power and the wonder of our wise woman legacy.

Feminine insight is rich and assorted, and conveys what needs be in a special manner in every last one of us, in view of our internal voice, psychic and instinctive resources. There will be a transmission of basic yet ground-breaking clairvoyant and mending procedures to remove with you. These strategies will be situated in your recovered capacities, all yours and investigation with.

Module 4 – Female profound dominance

In the Module 4, a lady’s profound way is investigated in the entirety of its gloriousness. The female way is revealed through adoration, dedication and sympathy, fuelled by sexual joy and passionate stream, and dependent on trusting and regarding the messages given by our instinct. Perceiving these characteristics inside, we can connect with our immense capacitywith regards to living love in regular day to day life. This leads to female spiritual authority, where we find ourselves joined with source. The simplicity with which ladies can open to extreme truth is completely subject to the amount we have figured out how to love and acknowledge ourselves in all that we are.

We are multi-faceted, multi-orgasmic, multi-gifted creatures. Grasping our maximum capacity is a revolutionary step. It is of imperative significance on the planet today for women to find our fullest potential. The spiritual arousing of women is the catalyst for a new light, It is time that we women make this stride, together, as enabled attendants of a new age of harmony, where balanced love and overjoyed, erotic spiritual are as normal as breathing.

In this group we move into the covering of sacred and profane, finding the enchantment of Tantra change, confiding in the internal sanctum of the heart to work its catalytic enchantment. Reflection, custom and festivity sustain our adventure into the substance of lady’s spiritual authority.

Criticism from past workshops

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Mystery Garden:

– The Power and Mystery of the Divine Feminine

In this three day group you are held in the sacrosanct circle of ladies, allowing your privileged secrets to open up, enabling the seed of your being to finally locate its potential, to get through frozen earth into the glow of spring. In the heart, it is continually spring. As we open our hearts, we find our brilliant quintessence, sparkling light on better approaches for living. What’s more, finding the eternal wisdom of the woman, we can finally return home to our capacity, subsequently living our true broad nature.

It is a journey and a procedure of self-revelation and healing. We move together into meditations, dance, massage, sharing, sacred custom, and playful structures. Sometimes woman do partner work and sometimes work on their own. You learn from each other and moreover, Sarita will share from her many years of experience on the Tantra path, available resources to improve a woman’s potential as a woman, regardless of whether that be her sexuality, her month to month cycle, child, menopause, woman’s spirituality, and etc.

Woman’s secrets are traditionally explored in a sacred manner, stepping out of common concerns, where womencan investigate and be nurtured in their own gender, learning pearls of knowledge which will assist them with activate their unique gifts, while simultaneously helping them find fulfillment on their chosen way, regardless of whether that be as a growing woman, a bride, a mother, a single mother, a widow, or a senior. There are a ton of misconceptions around what it is to be a woman in today’s world, and these needs to be addressed. The discovery of a true path for woman is of great concern for the future fate of our own and planetary well being. The healing, nurturing and arousing of the divine feminine is perhaps the best gift we can get. Through this, we offer future generations a harmoniousworld.

Tantra Sacred Dance for Women:

– Immersions, Retreats and Teacher Training created and educated by Ma Deva Vibha

‘When the dancer vanishes in her dance she is divine. You are showered with blessings.  Just because you come to know your grandeur, the splendor of your being.’ ~ Osho

From ancient temples of the East reappears the craft of Tantra Sacred Dance ~ Now encountering a rebirth in our contemporary world. Tantra Sacred Dance is a significantly transformative and erotic dance meditation unfolding from the depthsof your being. It’s not a performance however a revelation of your essence your Divine Nature. It expands and refines your ability for receptivity and attunes you to the perfect energy stream of Existence. The Dance joins your body, heart and soul  awakening your Inner Goddess.

Our Tantric Heritage

In Tantric tradition women are viewed as embodiments of Shakti, or the Goddess; the female explanation of the Divine. Tantra Sacred Dance offers you an entryway into the Mysteries of the Sacred Feminine and the Freeing of your Inner Goddess. When women gather in a sacred space, and jump dive deeply into the inner mysteries of the Feminine, significant opening and healing can happen.

The body resembles an instrument, capable of holding higher elevated frequencies. The Dance breathes life into the chakra system and kundalini energy and opens the energy channels. As you extend into the Dance it is possible to experience incomparable conditions of joy, love and bliss ~ all open inside your very own body.

Through the act of Tantra Sacred Dance we create a safe and strong container for us to once and by typify the grace of the Goddess.

The Sacred Feminine

When you are completely present with inner vibration and subtle vitality, the experience for the artist and the witness of the dance turns into a significant catalyst for transformation and awakening.

By bringing awareness to the sensations and movements of your body, you enliven life into your ‘womb space’. This is the place your goddess energy lives; the source of your knowledge, power, creativity and ecstasy. Through the on-going practice with regards to the Dance this energy can be liberated and ascend through your body opening your potential for expansion.

By refining your receptivity and extending into the Dance you become a priestess of the Sacred Feminine ~ learning and absorbing also through seeing each other’s transmissions of grace.

This receptivity is an entryway into the domain of the sacred, into the magic abundantly accessible inside you. Tantric Sacred Dance reveals your inner splendor and beauty. From this place of recognition and deep embodiment, you develop and reconnect with your inner sources of power, love and joy. From here you are all the more fully able to live your life with joy, energy and purpose ~ opening to your fully potential.

You experience a more deeper merging with love and grace that empowers you, satisfies you and swells out into all parts of your life.


A variety of authentic Tantra meditations and techniques will likewise be included all through the courses, retreats and trainings. They are picked to help the opening inside your body essential for the Dance and to extend and grow your ability to exemplify the Divine Feminine. Diverse Tantra practices are presented every day all through the Immersions, Retreats and Trainings. All are from illuminated Tantra masters, including some of the old techniques from the VigyanBhairavTantra. The strategies being offered are specifically for ladies and can be practiced alone – reconnecting you with the infinite source of love inside you. You will likewise learn partner tantra techniques that can extend love and transport you into the realm of the sacred, enabling you to travel together on a transformational way of euphoria. All are honoring and open you to a more deeper intimacy and communion inside yourself, with others and the Divine.

When it comes to making the most out of a tantra workshop, there’s no better alternative than the workshops arranged by Tantra Nectar, Visit www.tantranectar.com today and get to know about our upcoming workshops and retreats now!!

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