Tantra Way of Dealing with Multi-Partner Relationships

Multi-Partner Relationships

In today’s world, a lot of men are now considering having a polyamorous lifestyle, which allows them to have the freedom to be with other women and to experience a multi-partner relationship. But since not all women want this kind of lifestyle with their partner, even if they want to make them stop, they are too terrified to address it as they’re too terrified that they might lose their loved one.

Usually, men would be the ones to convince their woman to try this kind of lifestyle and the woman would the idea. But if her man is insistent enough, she might just open herself to the idea just to not lose her partner. Thankfully, there is a way so you can educate your partner and yourself to understand this deep desire. Understanding this from a Tantra way and through Tantric perspective could benefit both of you.

Certain Facts About Today’s Polygamy

It is rare for women to agree with a polygamous lifestyle as they are normally interested in love and intimacy. As for men, they’re more interested in playing the field where they can spread their seeds widely. In a relationship, it is important to be always honest with each other as this would help improve your relationship.

In most Neo Tantric and Ista communities today, polygamy is normal, and most women gradually open to the idea of Polygamy without any judgments.

The Only thing is that a man needs to check himself – whether he is a Polyfucker or Polygamer?

Usually, men think that Polygamy allows them to sleep with multiple women. They tend to avoid deep intimacy. More often than not, they have never tried being in love deeply and have never tried lovemaking in a spiritual way. They have not taken the spiritual path. Such kind of a man wants to be with more and more women, only on a physical dimension and a superficial level. In my understanding, this is Polyfucking and it is a disease of the mind, which cannot be satisfied.

In the Tantra way of life, Polygamy is a completely different phenomenon. It is the supreme understanding of love with the actual experience of the deep opening of heart.

In the path of spirituality and tantra, sometimes it happens that your heart feels such expansion and openness, that you start feeling immense, unadulterated love and care towards everyone. It then becomes very difficult to share that love with just one woman. At this stage, you are becoming the vehicle of existential love. It is then very normal to feel a very deep connection with many different women on many different dimensions and levels. This feeling of love is not goal-oriented. It does not entail the penetration of every second woman you are with. It is more about connection, love, respect, intimacy and gratitude to whole divine feminism. If lovemaking (sex)happens, that’s good.  If not, also it is perfectly good.

Now, you are feeling so deeply satisfied while sharing this love with so many different women and that’s when it truly becomes enough to lead a happy life. That’s the real polygamy. The way Krishna describes it – The Leela… The Play!

Tantra Nectar Training for couple:-

This is a very beautiful training for couples. It gives you all the answers and experiences which you desire.

In this training, you will join us as a couple who liked to dive very deep in meditation and healing with lots of rituals and Tantra meditationsin a group of other couple. Undergoing this practice will fulfill the deepest longing of you as a couple.

If you’re one of the people who are not into polygamy, we’ll offer you a creative method that you and your partner could try which could benefit both of you.

How Can Tantra Meditation Affect a Relationship?

If your partner has no idea about what a deep love feels like, he or she should be lured to Tantra meditation. Once they have tried the spiritual path of the ecstasy of tantra, where love, spirituality, and sex merge, there would be no turning back.

Once a man experiences a full-body orgasmic ecstasy, he would surely recognize his partneras a Goddess, and him as a God. He would also recognize what he has been missing in his life and that the thing that he’s been searching and looking for was just within him all along.

The Tantra Nectar training for couples offers an answer for lovers who are longing to unite their soul and body. It would take some dedication to be able to practice the meditation, but it would surely be worth it once you start seeing how it positively affects your relationship.

Final Thoughts:

And there you have it, rather than stopping your partner from switching into a polyamorous lifestyle, you try to suggest and convince him doing the Tantra training together with you.

If you complete this training with us,then you and your partner can understand the difference between polyfucking and polygamy.

Then you can mutually decide, sit together and do what is beneficial for both of you. Whether is it polygamy or monogomy, you will now be able to take an informed decision and you will choose what is right for you and your partner.

Now,you can see life with more clarity; so whatever the other partner chooses , if its serving you well and helping you grow bigger and reach higher then you should continue your relationship or you can bidbye to each other with gratitude, blessings and good wishes.

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